No Longer Human

No Longer Human Announced

Publisher PM Studios has announced No Longer Human, a new series coming to PC next year.

The description is what caught my eye when I was reading up on the game since it says No Longer Human is a”high-energy cybergoth action fvck-em-up,” and that it also includes “expressive, free-form combat that encourages aggressive and stylish play.” A lot of games promise the next big thing and it’ll be a while before we see if this claim is true but the aesthetic is enough to make it believable.

At first glance, the brief trailer is flashy and pleasing if not a bit erratic, it does seem frenetic in motion, too. You play as Tsunono, a “vocaloid idol turned cyberdemon, on her destructive path to total world domination.” The studio is promising an upgradeable moveset and special attacks with a strong focus on surreal sci-fi narratives.