Nioh DLC Dragon Of The North Arrives May 2


The first major DLC for Nioh arrives next Tuesday, May 2nd, and it sounds juicy by the looks of it, centering on a historic figure, Masamune Date to be exact. There’s also a new mode to play, a PVP mode to get invested in.

This new chapter picks up after William’s valiant victory in restoring peace to Japan. In keeping with the tradition of our inspiration through Japanese history and mythology, the central character for this new chapter is based on Lord Masamune Date, the ruler of the Sendai feudal domain in the Keicho Era (about 400 years ago). In our opinion, his personality and exploits in history lend himself to become a key player to contend with in the story.

This piece of DLC will take place in the Oshu region of Japan, introducing ruler Masamune Date, the -One-Eyed Dragon.

Dragon of the North arrives next week and will cost $14 CAD.

If you want to read more, head on over to the PlayStation Blog for a post by Tom Lee, Creative Director for Team Ninja.