Nintendo’s Theme Park Gets A Trailer

Have you heard about the Nintendo theme park that’s set to open in less than a year in Osaka, Japan? It’s called Super Nintendo World and there’s a new trailer for the wonderful space I’m jealous isn’t closer to me. Since being announced in 2016, there’s been very little information or pictures of what to expect.

However, that’s all changing as a tweet from the Nintendo of America account revealed a collaboration with Galantis, Charli XCX and Univeral Osaka to celebrate the Nintendo theme park.

So what can you do at Super Nintendo World? According to Kurumi Mori, a reporter at Bloomberg, quite a bit.

In the tweets from Mori, we see Nintendo plans on using your phone and technology to enhance your experience at their park. By using what is being called a “Power Up Band,” you’re able to tie that to your device and earn coins as you move around the park and partake in activities. Also, the app will come with a map of the park that looks like an overworld map found in the Mario games.

I think everyone’s more concerned with getting in on real-life Mario Kart action, or at least I feel like I am.