Switch OLED

Nintendo’s Plans for its Next Console Are Still Undecided

Nintendo’s plans for the Switch might not have been what some fans have hoped for, given the release of the OLED Model last month is a minor step up from the base model. However, that doesn’t mean the company’s next console will follow suit. Nintendo referenced its next gaming system in a slide found as part of a presentation to investors.


In the slide, Nintendo says that it will “continue to expand its business around the core concept of creating unique integrated hardware-software products.”  Basically, Nintendo plans on making another console and that in itself is part of the business plan to expand. Funnily enough, the presentation didn’t list a date but it did mention it would launch on 20XX.

Following the presentation was a Q&A for investors, which was reported by David Gibson, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa was questioned about the new console. While he had nothing to add given the secrecy behind these devices, he did say that “we are still going through internal discussion on the concept, timing etc and discussing everything.”

Regarding the Switch’s lifespan, he confirms it is currently in the “middle phase” of its cycle and that we still have several years before a successor is shown to the public. Last month’s OLED Model was an incremental update that has launched to mixed reception. We’ve previously reported on what the rumoured console included before Nintendo came out to shut those whispers down. The OLED screen is a step up but the internals are the exact same as the base model, instead of the rumoured 4K the internet wanted.