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Nintendo’s Switch Successor Will Have An 8-Inch LCD Screen When It Launches Later This Year, Says Analyst

It's a big boy.

Even though Nintendo has not officially said anything about its reported console follow-up to the Switch, we’ve gotten breadcrumbs about the device over the years. Today, it is being reported that Nintendo’s next-generation Switch will feature an 8-inch LCD screen, according to Bloomberg via Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase.

I can’t say this news is too surprising as the report aligns with an earlier Bloomberg report that stated Sharp Corp was supplying a huge order of 8-inch LCD screens for an upcoming device from an unnamed Japanese company. While Nintendo’s name was not utter, it was pretty much-assumed industry-wide that Nintendo was going from the original Switch’ 6.2-inch screen and the OLED model’s 7-inch screen to a whopping 8 inches, a size that’s slightly bigger than Valve’s recent Steam Deck.

If all this is true, after the release of the OLED model, it sounds like Nintendo is going back to the LCD screen to cut costs and make the device’s price point more appealing to customers. That’s if it will look like a regular Switch anyway; if Nintendo is going back to the clamshell design of the DS in the new Switch, then it makes a lot more sense why Nintendo is opting for an LCD screen, or is it screens? The power of the upcoming Nintendo device is supposed to be close to or on par with the PS4 and Xbox One, according to an Activision Blizzard executive during the Microsoft FTC trial last year.

Hopefully, Nintendo, which has denied the existence of its next console, can shed some light on its successor in the coming months as reports from last year and even today point to a launch for this year slated for the second half of 2024; speculation says a possible fall release. When we do hear something, it will be exciting to hear about it as it is getting a little tiring writing about something that hasn’t actually been announced.