Nintendo Went Above And Beyond For This Zelda Fan


1486396049949 fS6VpExWaypoint posted a heartbreaking story about Gabe Marcela, a man of only 26, and a man who has endured more than most of us will in his time on Earth. Gabe faced CHD (congenital heart defect), and this article hits you in the stomach and knocks you flat out. It is a devastating thing to be so young and know your life will be coming to end. I’ve never been the best at dealing with death, while inevitable, the fact remains it is still can be a scary thing, and dealing with your mortality is a brave thing.

The article details the struggle of Gabe and his terminal illness, his love of Zelda and how Nintendo gave a dying man his wish. Unfortunately, Gabe passed away last month but not before seeing Breath of the Wild for himself.

I’ve seen the magic gaming can do for humans, I’ve seen friends get out of depression, I’ve seen gaming bring lovers together. There’s a special magic gaming has, and it simply cannot be found in any other medium.