Super Mario Bros Movie

Nintendo Wants More Movies, Investor Report Says

With Sonic the Hedgehog finding success on the big screen, it would make sense that Nintendo wants to do the same for Super Mario. Even though their first attempt, had almost nothing to do with the actual video games, in 1993, the live-action iteration was a huge misstep.

So, while we do know that Nintendo is working on a movie, which is scheduled to launch in 2022, today reveals that recent investor reports want to aggressively tackle the film industry.supermariomovies2020

Above is what we know Nintendo is planning and that they are partnering with Illumination, the studio behind the Minions movies to work on a CG-animated Super Mario project. However, the next slide is focused around expanding those offers in 2022, with Nintendo stating, they have “already embarked on multiple other visual content expansion projects,” and are “pursuing further opportunities.”

To get a sense of what that means, this is “visual content expansion initiatives, not limited to film.” We could very well see a revival of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show! Not really, but this means we can expect more than just a movie in theatres.

In other news, in the same investor report, Nintendo confirms that there are 26 million subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online.