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Nintendo Switch Is The Top Nintendog In The US After Surpassing Wii’s Lifetime Sales

Trailing behind Closely to Xbox 360 and PS2's US Numbers

The Nintendo Switch has reached a new milestone but not in the realm of the device’s overall worldwide sales this time around, as has revealed via Circana (formally The NPD Group and IRI) that the hybrid console has surpassed the Wii again but this time specifically the lifetime sales in the US region during July 2023.

This piece of news was part of a much bigger game industry story of the US’ back-to-back growth. The story goes on to reveal that the US video game industry is projected to accumulate over $58 billion by the end of the year, an overall three percent increase compared to last year.

Getting back to Nintendo Switch’s US sales while the device surpassed its family relative console, it isn’t too far behind the big console US sellers as the report revealed the 2017 launched console is less than a million units behind Xbox 360 and less than five million units behind Sony’s PS2. Meaning with Super Mario Bros. Wonder and the holiday season on the horizon, the Nintendo Switch could be on its way to at least cracking the Xbox 360’s numbers; PS2 though seems less possible at this point for this year anyway.

The Nintendo Switch first launched back in March 2017 and over the past six years has accumulated more than 129.5 million units in sales while surpassing the worldwide sales of console giants like the original PlayStation, Xbox 360, PS3, Game Boy / Game Boy Color, PS4, and of course the Wii. The only two platforms it needs to surpass in order to claim the number one video game platform spot are the Nintendo DS and the PS2 which are in the 150 million number, but it remains to be seen at this point if the Switch will approach that number. Especially as Nintendo is reportedly preparing to launch its successor in the second half of next year.