Mario Party 3

Nintendo Switch Online Adds Mario Party 3 This Week

This week, Nintendo is adding Mario Party 3 for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack users. The third entry in the long-running series will test your friendships and make you question everything.

At the time of launch, Mario Party 3 held the first story mode in the series, including over 70 minigames. It was the final entry for the Nintendo 64 and featured Duel Mode.

Some of the minigames included Tick Tock Hope, Eatsa Pizza, Vine With Me, Eye Sore, and more. Duel Mode puts two players against each other, where they travel across a game board following various sets of rules. It also featured gimmicks that were not available in Party Mode.

Mario Party 3 includes six boards, new items, the addition of the bow-toe sporting Game Guy, and a lot more. It arrives on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service on October 26, 2023.