Nintendo Releases Star Fox 2 Manual Digitally

Just when you thought Nintendo couldn’t increase the nostalgia factor on the SNES Classic anymore, they did. Nintendo has released an official digital version of the Star Fox 2 manual that encompasses the beauty of 90s gaming, the manual’s artwork. It has been a while since gamers has seen 90s style artwork that was common in many game’s manuals of the time, so when Nintendo released the official many fans flocked to see it. The digital version of the manual is now available on Nintendo’s website. With a full table of contents the manual gives fans a background on the characters, story, items, maps, controls and more. Although digital Nintendo didn’t skimp on the artwork with hand drawn renditions of the classic characters as well as another look at the two new members of the Star Fox team, Miyu and Fay. Although, like true 90s manual fashion, there is little depth to the story or characters the art work is definitely fan service enough, especially since fans can download some the artwork on the website as well.