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Nintendo Keeps Releasing Branded 2DS Systems That I Want

With 3D officially dead and gone, Nintendo has been steadily moving away from the technology and focusing on traditional gaming in 2D. For a few years now, we’ve seen some wonderful systems release, including a cute Pikachu system as well as Mario and Luigi one. The designs are never ending and I for one can’t explain to you why I want them all, but here we are. The newest 2Ds features the Hylian Crest from The Legend of Zelda and is absolutely stunning, it is perfect and I need it in my life.


Pre-installed on the handheld system is a copy of A Link Between Worlds, which returned to one of my favourite eras of Zelda gaming goodness, and is one of my favourite portable Zelda titles in a long time, this is perfect for those who still don’t have the system or those who are looking to upgrade their older system to something new.


The system will retail for around $200 CAD and will be available starting on July 2 at EBGames in Canada.