Nintendo Indie World Showcase Gunbrella

What We Saw During Today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase

The last Nintendo Indie World Showcase was held in December, an event that brought us a new look at Sea of Stars, After Love EP, Endling, and OlliOlliWorld.

Now, we’re back again as another iteration of Indie World Showcase is here with 20 minutes of news, reveals, and trailers. Here is everything we saw today from the video.


Kicking off the event is Ooblets from Glumberland is coming to the Switch! Ooblets is a farming, creature collection, and town life game where you build up your farm, befriend townsfolk, grow ooblets, and have dance-offs.

The game will arrive this summer.

Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven was announced and it is arriving on Switch this fall. Playing as Avril, a young girl who must step up to save her world from being decimated will use her powers to restore things to the way they were.


From a one-person development team NamaTakahashi, ElecHead is a challenging platformer that is coming to the Switch. Playing as Elec, you’ll be able to electrify platforms, and power switches but you’ll need to ensure you don’t short circuit when detaching your head to solve puzzles. There are hidden rooms you’ll have to discover using your powers.

The trailer is pretty neat and ElecHead looks like a fun little puzzle game.


Soundfall puts you in the role of a guardian of Symphonia as you restore harmony to the world’s corrupted lands. You can choose from one of five heroes: Melody, Jaxon, Lydia, Brite, and Ky.

If you’ve ever wanted to play a rhythm-based, looter shooter dungeon crawler, then Soundfall checks every box. The main enemy is called Discord and is threatening the world of Symphonia. You’ll fight to restore the world.

The developer says there are over 140 songs to choose from, over 500 pieces of equipment, and thousands of pieces of loot to choose from. It will launch on Switch later today.


WildFrost is coming to the Switch later this year. Chucklefish is working on this deck-building title where you’ll try to save the world after falling victim to the Wildfrost.

A small pocket of civilization in Snowdwell remains and as the final stronghold, you’ll need to use strategy to reach the Sun Temple and banish the danger.

Players can recruit new companions and gift them charms, make their friends stronger, and rebuild the town.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator from Landfall Games is coming to the Switch and it is coming this summer. You’ll build armies and then put them against friends or as part of the campaign.

TABS is known for its wacky physics and you’ll watch over 100+ soldiers of your red or blue army wobble to victory. The online multiplayer sounds like a treat and I’m curious to see how the Switch handles Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.


Developer Doinksoft is working on what I think was the star of the Showcase today.

Gunbrella puts you in the role of the gruff woodsman out for revenge. A firearm that doubles as an umbrella, as the woodsman you’ll come across ghouls and cultists. Your character uses the titular item to deal damage and solve puzzles while investigating kidnappings and more.

It will launch in 2023.

Card Shark

Devolver Digital featured two games today with the first being Card Shark from Nerial. The game is described as a tale of”18th Century European deception.”

It comes to the Switch on June 2.

We Are OFK

Set in downtown Los Angeles, We Are OFK tells the tale of four friends who try to break into the music industry while navigating love and life.

We Are OFK will launch this summer in an episodic format over five weeks with music to follow. The first two episodes will release together.


From Spiral Circus comes Silt, a surreal underwater puzzle game. Playing as a deep diver, you search to discover mysteries forgotten in the past. With the ability to possess creatures to help solve puzzles, you have your work cut out.

Silt launches in June 2022 on the Switch.

Mini Motorways

Developer Dinosaur Polo Club is bringing their hit game Mini Motorways to the Switch today. Using iconic locations from Warsaw, Poland and Chiang Mai, Thailand, you’ll draw colourful roads to help drivers get around.

Mini Motorways is launching a new expansion today called the Night Lights update, introducing one-way save transfer, and allowing players on Steam to play on Switch. You can now build roadways at night and cars will include headlights.

It’ll be available not long after today’s presentation.

Wayward Strand

From developer Ghost Pattern, Wayward Strand is heading to the Switch in July. Set in the summer of 1978, Casey Beaumaris helps her mother out at the local hospital. However, Casey is planning on using the experience to write an article for her school newspaper.

You’ll use your journal to keep track of events and learn more about the people in the hospital. You can follow them throughout the hospital, see what they are up to, eavesdrop on their conversations and more.

Wayward Strand will launch on July 21, 2022.

Cult of the Lamb

Devolver Digital and Massive Monster are launching Cult of the Lamb on the Switch.

Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike action game where take on the role of a possessed lamb saved by a stranger. To pay back your debt, you’ll begin by building a following in the stranger’s name. Add false prophets to your flock and let them wander out to expand your community.

It’ll launch in 2022.

Another Crab’s Treasure

From developer Aggro Crab comes a brand new ‘Shellslike’ game. Another Crab’s Treasure is set in a crumbling underwater world where a curse plagues the inhabitants.

Playing as Kril the hermit crab you’ll need to face off against enemies while using Umami Techniques — abilities that will make quick work of your enemies including the power of a Mantis Shrimp and Bobbit Worm.

Another Crab’s Treasure will launch in 2023.