Nintendo Indie World Showcase

A Nintendo Indie World Showcase Will Air April 17

Nintendo is hosting another Indie World Showcase tomorrow, April 17, at 10 AM.

The upcoming Indie World Showcase will last for approximately 20 minutes and will provide exciting news and updates about indie games that are coming to Nintendo Switch. This event is similar to the previous ones, and it will focus mainly on indie games for the Nintendo Switch. The last edition of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase took place in November, and some of the exciting announcements from that event included The Outer Wilds, Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution, Blade Chimera, and Howl.

There are no titles we know will be appearing at the Indie World Showcase tomorrow, but with Hollow Knight: Silksong being rated worldwide, it seems like the long-gestating title may finally be launching after being announced in 2019.