Nintendo eShop Pre-Orders Can Now Be Cancelled

If you’ve ever pre-ordered a video game on Nintendo’s eShop, you’d be stuck with the game. Thanks to the most recent store update, that no longer is the case as you can now refund a pre-order on the eShop.

I know this has always been a gray area for these online stores. It’s been understood that when pre-ordering a game digitally, you couldn’t get a refund on most platforms. However, things are changing now with many consumers flocking to digital. It’s time governments look at these archaic policies that govern many online marketplaces.

A new page on Nintendo’s website confirms that if you’ve pre-ordered a game, “The expected payment date is no sooner than seven days before the product is released.” Reading through the page, “payment is processed and the download is started immediately for pre‑orders placed within seven days before game launch.”

Refunds need to be addressed by all platform holders going forward. Both Sony and Microsoft are offering all-digital consoles going into the next-generation and that means many more people will be joining the digital marketplace wholly. It’s good to see Nintendo taking small steps in the right direction with their pre-order policy but there is clearly more work to do.

In other news, Nintendo’s eShop also now tells you how long a game is on sale. For those browsing the storefront, each listing will come with a timer showing the length of the sale item. This time appears right under the item in question, thanks to Reddit for the screenshot.