Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Will Air Tomorrow, June 21

After rumours swirled indicating a new Nintendo Direct episode was imminent, Nintendo has confirmed a stream will air tomorrow at 10 AM ET.

Out of all the major publishers who decided to showcase games during Not-E3 week, Nintendo was the only one not to have any streams or reveals. A week after, we’re getting a Direct presentation with around 40 minutes of Sitch games coming this year and likely into 2024.

The company’s socials are already filled with guesses of what to expect tomorrow. I’m sure Pikmin 4 will be one of the significant games presented to viewers as it is intended to launch on July 21. As it stands, Nintendo’s first-party lineup is looking a little slim, but I’m sure we’ll be getting some major surprises tomorrow to pad out the launch window. I also expect to hear more about Everybody 1-2 Switch and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

Also, Nintendo, if you’re reading this, then please release more games via Nintendo Switch Online. I’d love to get Golden Sun and its sequels on the service and perhaps Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door.