Nintendo Delays Mario Kart Tour, Announced New Dr. Mario

Nintendo announced Mario Kart Tour last year for both iOS and Android devices. Up until this point, Nintendo’s mobile offerings were good if not great and offered a sizeable amount of content on the go at a fair price. Then slowly, games like Dragalia Lost released and while good jumped on the bandwagon of gacha gameplay. Oh, and then they decided to add microtransactions to their games to make them worse.

I had forgotten about the mobile versio of Mario Kart, so while I’m okay with the delay, usually a delay is good and allows developers the necessary time to fine-tune and polish their games.

Expect to see Mario Kart Tour in the summer of 2019.

Nintendo then followed up the delay with the announcement of Dr. Mario World, a mobile game for iOS and Android. Said to be a new “action puzzle game,” developed by both Nintendo and LINEas well as NHN Entertainment, the freemium game will feature in-app purchases and and with a launch window of early summer of 2019.

I haven’t played a Dr. Mario game in years but I do have fond memories of playing one of these games as a child. If anything, I’ll definitely check out the game before deciding if I want to purchase any add-ons.