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Nintendo Confirms The Switch Is The Faster Selling Console In The US

In just over ten months, Nintendo has returned to a very positive place. Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, the hot-selling console has been hard to find for months now, with only just recently stock being available on store shelves.

Since March, the Japanese console maker has revealed sales details on the Switch, revealing that 4.8 million units have moved from factories to homes, effectively beating the entire lifetime sales of the Wii U, which tells you how rough the Wii U was received.

Not only that, but Nintendo states that this is the highest total in ten months for any home gaming console in US history, even beating out the Wii’s four million units in the same timespan.

Seeing the positive reception gamers and industry heads are giving to the Switch bodes well for everyone, with a growing library and tons of developer support, Nintendo needs to keep their momentum going forward, it’s what will help ensure their success.