Everybody 1-2 Switch

Nintendo Announces Everybody 1-2 Switch! Launches June 30th

Nintendo is anything but predictable as the company has announced Everybody 1-2 Switch! will be launching on Nintendo Switch consoles on June 30th, according to Nintendo on Twitter. For those who were around during the Nintendo Switch launch in March 2017 and who recognize the name, this upcoming title is the five-year followup to the console’s launch title, 1-2 Switch which sold more than 3.5 million copies since launch.

Now the way the Everybody 1-2 Switch! was a little shocking but the announcement itself was not as we heard that a sequel was in the works as early as back in July of last year, according to a report from (at the time) Fanbyte’s Imran Khan that revealed the game’s mini-games reportedly didn’t test all that well internally citing that the tests concluded the mini-games as “boring.”

Now almost 11 months later since that report, Nintendo describes that Everybody 1-2-Switch! will feature everything from wacky objects like balloons to aliens so that players can get in on the action in team-based challenges on either joy-cons or a compatible smartphone device; a Nintendo account is required. Nintendo is set to release the game both digitally and physically but as an apparent “budget” title as the game’s eShop listing is priced at $29.99 USD, half the price of the original 1-2 Switch!

Everybody 1-2 Switch! is set to launch not too far from now (a really quick overturn from official announcement to release) on Nintendo Switch consoles on June 30th.