Nintendo Allowing User Reviews On Their Website

Nintendo is letting users leave reviews on games on the company’s website, harkening back to how the Miiverse was being used before being shuttered.


You can’t start posting reviews on Nintendo’s website, however, no. In order to get your Mii on their user review section, you’ll have to first own the game, and secondly, have clocked in two hours to qualify for reviewing said title. After the criteria are met, Nintendo will scan your account to confirm the information, and you’ll be on your way to reviewing.

While I feel there is little room for error here, the idea of trolls finding a way to abuse the system will always be there. Nintendo is good for squashing these pests rather quickly but no system is flawless and I’m curious to see when we’ll be seeing the first batch of trolls make their way over to Nintendo’s website. Nintendo says there is also a one week moderation period before me anything goes live on their site, so they seem to be proactive about all this.

Time will tell how this goes.

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