Nintendo Union

Nintendo of America Accused of Violating Workers’ Rights by Employee

Nintendo of America and hiring firm, Aston Carter have been accused by an unnamed employee of violating their protected worker rights to unionize and have filed a labour complaint to the National Labor Relations Board, according to a report from Axios Gaming’s Stephen Totilo.

The filing was originally submitted on April 15th in the state of Washington, the complaint states that both entities engaged the employee in “concerted activities” and made “coercive actions” against them by interfering with their legal right to unionize. The mistreatment/belittlement of employees in the video game industry is nothing new, especially in recent memory but with Nintendo being in this conversation, a company that has managed to not be publicly a part of such controversies or scandals in the industry is very telling.

We’ll see if this goes anywhere at all, if it does will the complaint lead to Nintendo or the hiring firm taking the fall. Whatever happens, it’s not the first time a game company has attempted to union bust employee’s rights with the most recent one being Activision Blizzard. I don’t think Nintendo wants to be in the same conversation with the most recent and most controversial Microsoft acquisition. In response, a former Nintendo employee has commented on Twitter by sharing their not-so-positive experience working at Nintendo as a contract worker.

“Working for Nintendo (contract for 3+ years) was one of the most stressful and awful experiences of my life. Coworkers were great, but I was constantly under the pressure of being let go for little things like going to the bathroom or being stuck in traffic an extra 2 min b4 work,” a former Nintendo employee revealed on Twitter.

“Additionally, they have an awful practice of “dangling the carrot” of full-time employee to contracts who they almost universally never hire on just to keep exploiting them and keep them quiet. I spoke up to try and better things for coworkers. Main reason I was let go, to be honest.”