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Nintendo Has 2 Pretty Unique Launch Titles Planned For The Switch

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When the Switch launches on March 3rd 2017, Nintendo will be releasing two pretty cool looking games in tandem with the console. ‘1, 2, Switch!’ and ‘Arms’

1, 2, Switch! is a Western style shooter game that takes the form of an old-timey saloon showdown. The game looks pretty unique and apparently you don’t even need to look at the screen to play it as the game plans to utilize the expressiveness of the HD rumble in the Joy Cons to its maximum potential. The game is intended as a party game or icebreaker as its a 2 player game. 1, 2, Switch! will launch March 3rd.


Arms is a pretty crazy looking fighting-sports game which utilizes boxing mechanics but also shooting mechanics. Sounds crazy, I’m in! It’s a 1-on-1 boxing match where you hold a Joy-Con in each hand and duke it out as your shoot your fists into your opponents face. You can move left and right by tilting the Joy-Cons and there’s also a block mechanic. This game looks like an amazing way to present just what the Joy-Cons can do and I can’t wait to play it, March 3rd.


You can look forward to these two games when the Switch launches March 3rd.

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