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Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge Releases March 2020

Bleeding Edge is set to launch March 24, 2020, as a page for the latest game from developer Ninja Theory confirms the release date for the online brawler. A Microsoft Store listing appeared earlier this morning before being taken down and featured some tidbits about the Hellblade developers multiplayer game.

EuroGamer managed to capture the listing which mentioned that anyone who pre-orders the game or plays the game through Xbox Game Pass in the first week gains access to the Punk Pack in-game. This is mainly cosmetic skins – Punk Rock Nidhoggr, Butterpunk Buttercup and Outrider ZeroCool and you’ll also earn the Rioter’s Hoverboard, as well as in-game sticker pack and taunts.

In addition, those who pre-order gain access to two closed betas with one set to for February 14 and another on March 13.

Bleeding Edge was unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 conference earlier this year.


Source: EuroGamer