Inflexion Games Nightingale

Nightingale Hits Early Access February 2024

The open-world, fantasy and magic debut game from Inflexion Games

Fantasy, magic, and open-world survival are just around the corner with Nightingale, created by some ex-BioWare developers.

Originally announced at The Game Awards in 2021, Nightingale is almost ready to go live and will hit early access in February 2024. A new trailer was released alongside its presentation at Gamescom 2023. It shows off a few minutes of in-game footage and a solid look at some creepy and massive enemies you’ll encounter on your journey.

As a Realmwalker, you can travel between worlds and dimensions. The game holds this Victorian-era style along with some high fantasy elements. Inflexion Games has said that the core gameplay loop is survival and crafting, but an evolving story will take you and fellow Realmwalkers on an epic journey.

The Nightingale early access is arriving later than initially expected. Still, in a release, the Canadian-based team says, “As a studio, we’re committed to quality and take player satisfaction very seriously. We want to ensure that the game delivers on the expectations of our community, who have played a vital role in the development to date.”


With a mix of magic and stylized customization, weaponry, and enemies, there’s a solid sense of Bioshock and ARK watching the latest trailer. A deadly virus destroyed most of civilization in the 1800s, and it’s now up to you and your friends to shop in various Fae Realms.

Nightingale will hit Steam and Epic Games Store in Early Access on February 22, 2024, starting at $40 CAD.