Ni No Kuni Movie Sure Looks Like The Game

An all-new and original story set within the Ni no Kuni universe is set for release this summer in Japan. The movie is produced by Level-5 and Warner Brothers and captures the charm of the video games well. Studio Ghibli will not be involved, as they departed the series after Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch but the series continues to emulate the signature style of the studio.

Set in both the real world and the Ni No Kuni world, the story features three protagonists: Yu, Haru and Kotona. They gain the ability to travel between both worlds after an accident. Both Yu and Haru work together to save their friend Kotona who faces imminent danger across both the real world and the other world.

Returning is series composer Joe Hisashi, who’s been with the series since the beginning.

While no Western release has been announced just yet, the movie will come out in Japan later this summer. I’d like to see a limited release in some form because I know I want to see what an original story set in the Ni no Kuni world is all about.