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EA Sports NHL 24 Releases Official HUT Deep Dive Trailer

NHL 24

The team over at EA Sports is back with a deep dive for HUT in NHL 24. This is the third update in recent weeks detailing the changes to NHL 24.  Unlike the previous year, they have made many changes to the Hockey Ulitmate Team, starting with HUT Moments in NHL 24. Last year, they called these challenges, which ended up being meaningless tasks to complete in a game to gain coins or rewards. In NHL 24, the HUT Moments let you play in real-life moments from the past and present in the NHL.

It brings a lot more excitement to this mode.  Who wouldn’t want to relive Wayne Gretzky’s 50 goals in 39 games moment? Not only is the great one a featured player in these new moments, but the magnificent one Mario Lemeuix will also be available to use to relive some of his great moments from his career.

These moments will be updated throughout the season, including ones from the upcoming NHL season. EA Sports has put a lot more focus on the offline aspect of HUT this year, and this is welcomed for a fan of HUT.

Fans can earn rewards more efficiently with the game’s updated real-time objective-tracking system. This system is called Objectives 2.0, which tracks player progress in real-time based on on-ice actions and more for efficient and streamlined sessions.

X-Factor Cards return this year, but sets will work differently this time. The cards you will need will only be based on overall, not on certain players like last year.

In NHL 24, for the first time, they will have a shared economy so that Xbox and PlayStation players can sell and trade cards with one another. They have introduced HUT shares in NHL 24 so players can seamlessly share their full HUT roster, accomplishments and more over social media. Unfortunately, they will not have an NHL 24 app for the market, and these shares like in other video game sports franchises.

NHL 24 is available to pre-order now and available to play on October 6, 2023