NHL 24 Big Save

EA Releases NHL 24 Official Presentation Deep Dive Trailer

NHL 24

EA Sport’s latest video is a deep dive into NHL 24. This year, the developers have done a fantastic job of letting the players know what to expect from the game and making us all aware of their changes. Today’s video revolved around the game’s presentation and the significant changes they made to make the experience of NHL 24 more enjoyable.  The team over at NHL 24 has done a fantastic job this year breaking down all the changes and ensuring all the feedback from the community is being addressed.

Lead Producer on NHL 24, David Pritchet, broke down the following new features.

Hype Moments

The crow in NHL 24 will react to positive and negative events throughout the game.  With the sound on, you will feel the reaction to your play in NHL 24  and either be happy or even frustrated in your play.  It adds more realism and makes it feel like you are truly in the game.

Creation Zone Environment

In NHL 24, you can now create over 30 teams, 1500 more skaters, and 200 more goalies than in the previous version of the game in the custom rosters. There are 150 new vanity gear inserted in the game, which are animated and, from the video, look fantastic.  NHL 24 has also added 130 new pieces of gear that aren’t animated.  Once again, EA has been listening to the community and added no tape sticks, cages for any helmets, and all visor types, along with the most realistic-looking sticks ever.

Flex Moments

In NHL 24, the goal celebrations have seen a complete overhaul, and now not only will you see the top-down view, but they have up the presentation value by zooming in and isolating the player. NHL 24 has added real-life goal celebrations, which are called signature celebrations from some of your favourite players like Auston Matthews and Jack Eichel, to name a few. It adds more to the game and increases excitement after a goal. NHL 24 has added 75 new goal celebrations to Word of Chel, so they have thought of everything when it comes to celebrations in the game so you can raise the entertainment level as you play.

Dynamic Rink Boards

The biggest worry with the new animations on the rink boards is they will become a distraction as you play, and Pritchet is ensuring players that only the most relevant stats show up on the boards and that the boards aren’t moving at all times. NHL 24 players who use their audio will even be able to know more of what is going on in the game with these new animations because if a team pulls a goalie or receives a penalty, it will show up on the boards.

In World of Chel, players can customize the animations on the boards for their teams and characters.

New Colour Commentator

Cheryl Pounder joins the broadcast team and takes the role Ray Ferraro previously had in the previous version of NHL. Cheryl is a welcome addition to NHL 24.

Face Off Moments

NHL 24 differed from the previous version because it brings back authentic music you usually hear in NHL rinks. You hear from current artists in previous games but do not necessarily hear that music at a live NHL game.  Some examples of classic tracks in the game are Darude Sandstorm, HandClap by Fitz and the Tantrums, and so much more.  The crowd will even sing along for some moments and ramp up the presentation value for the game.

On-Ice Projections

The NHL 24 team reached out to the teams around the league and asked if they could use the pre-game projections that they have on the ice. This year in NHL 24, they have the pre-game projections and presentations in NHL rinks around the league.

NHL 24 releases on October 6 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.