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The Next Game From Remedy Will Be Published By 505 Games

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Remedy Games is working with 505 Games to release a new game. This marks the first time in quite some time that Remedy has worked on a multiplatform game, as Microsoft was there a first-party publisher supporting the studio with games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

While details are scarce right now, we know that the currently titled “P7” project will be a third person action game set “in a Remedy-created universe,” with an “intriguing story and a game structure offering a long-lasting experience.

It is a sign of how far 505 Games has come that we are now in a position to partner with such a talented development studio as Remedy Entertainment”. – Commented Raffaele Galante, CEO of Digital Bros – “Our mutual life-stages, ambitions and business objectives are actually very well-aligned and we are excited to enter into what feels like a very natural partnership. The agreement fits perfectly with our strategy of continuous improvement of the quality and the potential returns of our portfolio.

CEO of Remedy Entertainment, Tero Virtala, said “We have a strong vision of what P7 should be. 505 Games brings into this partnership experience and competences that help us successfully make this vision become reality together. Remedy is also investing in P7 and is deeply committed to creating an unique gaming experience that will keep the players engaged and playing for a long time to come. We are really excited to embark on this journey with 505 Games.”

All of this is to help Remedy reach a broader audience, as it’s been ages since we’ve see Remedy on anything else but a Microsoft console or PC. With 505 in tow, I’m confident we’re going to see something new and exciting from both companies.