The Next Episode Of Hitman Launches Next Week


The third episode of the Hitman will launch on May 31 according to a blog post on the IO website.

The City of Contrasts

Following up on the big fashion show event in Paris and the expansive nature of Sapienza, we knew that Marrakesh had to be something extraordinary. So the team set out to build a location that was both teeming with life and things to do. Marrakesh has been built with a maze of alleys, a range of souks that line the medina walls and a fully-fledged shisha café. Moving upwards, players can enjoy the shade on the rooftop terraces of Marrakesh.

With Marrakesh also comes a lot more live content for players and the busy markets and locked down consulate will provide us with great settings for our live features. Episode Three has been designed to keep players busy with a wide range of challenges and opportunities. Along with an entirely new setting for Contracts Mode, Marrakesh will also be the location for upcoming Elusive Targets and Escalation Contracts. We’re excited to see what you come up with!