Newly Discovered Glitch In Breath Of The Wild Allows For Item Duping

A new glitch discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is making its rounds across the internet right now. Since launch, the game has had a great level of stability in regards to how it plays. but had dealt with some slowdown issues, causing frame rates to drop on the Nintendo Switch. Luckily, Nintendo has been working on squashing these issues and have been good about it.

With the recent release of the first ever DLC for the series, The Master Trials, an item duping glitch has been discovered and has been shared around the web. What you need to do is head into the Trial of the Sword, then teleport to an unfinished Divine Beast. Then you would use the Travel Medallion to return to a specific spot and voila you now have duped items!

While I can’t use this exploit seeing as I’ve completed the game, this is perfect for those who are still working their way through to Ganon, exploring Hyrule and all round being the Hero of Time.