The Newest Patch For Final Fantasy XV Brings Offroading

With Episode Prompto releasing tomorrow, Square Enix has gone ahead and released a new patch that brings the game to version 1.12, along with a new offroad version of the Regalia – Type D. The patch clocks in at 8.6GB on PS4 and almost 11 GB on Xbox.

To unlock the Type-D upgrade for your car, simply head over to Hammerhead and speak to Sid to obtain the upgrade.

With Episode Prompto launching tomorrow, we’re in for one hell of a ride with the new content.

And it’s 8.650Gb. Let’s go! Hope we get a taste of Prompto’s gameplay somehow.

Patch notes:

  • Implementation of Regalia Type-D off-road customization option (available at Hammerhead)

  • Conclusion of survey regarding future updates

  • Addition of compatibility with EPISODE PROMPTO

  • Addition of pieces from EPISODE PROMPTO to music player tracklist

  • Various bug fixes


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