New VR Experience From Publishers Of Binding Of Isaac


Nicalis Inc, a publisher behind The Binding of Isaac, Cave Story, and 1001 Spikes are joining the VR party with Dimensional Intersection which is being published for Steam, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. Dimensional Intersection is an experience that relies heavily on intense visuals paired with “trance-orientated” music.

Developed by DNV, a Swedish studio the experience is one of transformation inside the heart of music. Dimensional Intersection features music from artists such as Soulacybin, Land Switcher, and MONS and bring users to a new reality using surreal scenes with infinite tunnels, morphing 3D models, and interactive real-time fractals.

“Dimensional Intersection is a crazy experience that distills music into the purest form,” Founder of Nicalis, Tyrone Rodriguez said. “It’s being developed in a place very close to the origin of psytrance and that influence is evident in the game.”

The game is still under development but is slated for release this fall, for more information you can visit

Check out the trailer here: