New Updates for Twitch on Xbox One


The Twitch app on Xbox One is getting a major update today, making it easier for Twitch users on Xbox One to find exactly what they want to watch. Here’s a look at the new features coming today and for more details, check out a quick walk-through video below:


  • Advanced Filtering: This new feature lets you be more specific about what you want to watch for a particular game. Using Xbox Live’s real-time game stats, we’re adding Advanced Filters for any game on Xbox One, so you can find the broadcast fit for you. Advanced Filters also helps new broadcasters find viewers so if you’re new to Twitch, the filters will help viewers find your channel more easily.


  • Videos on Demand: VOD allows you to watch archived broadcasts on Xbox One.


  • Additional Updates:
    • You can now follow whole Games in addition to specific channels.
    • You’ll see new, revamped profiles for broadcasters, even if they’re offline,
    • You can search for specific people in addition to Channels and Games.
    • You can now also manually select the quality level of the stream.

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