New Trailers Revealed for Characters Adachi and Marie, for Persona 4: Dancing All Night


With the release date of ATLUSPersona 4: Dancing All Night fast approaching, two more dance trailers for characters Tohru Adachi and Marie have been released!

Adachi and Marie are both playable characters in the game’s Free Dance mode, each come with their own tracks, and both are partnered up with other characters (Adachi with Yu, and Marie with Margaret)! Both characters can take the stage, with the purchase of their DLC’s, priced at $4.99 each.

Here is a quick look at Adachi and Marie’s trailers!

For those who are unsure of what Persona 4: Dancing All Night is all about, it’s a fun, colorful music game, where the story takes place after the events of Persona 4. Pop-idol Rise’s group, Kanamin Kitchen, has some of its members disappearing, and it all up to the Investigation Team to find them!… and long story short, they basically have to dance to save the day!

Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be available in both a Launch Edition and the Persona 4: Dancing All Night “Disco Fever” Edition! The Disco Fever Edition includes costume DLC, a 2-disc soundtrack with music from the game, a full-colour Teddie enameled pouch, and an adorable Teddie keychain! Both editions of the game will include a PlayStation Vita skin decal and 10 Persona 4: Dancing All Night wallpapers for your Vita’s theme.


ATLUS is also offering the Girl’s Swimsuit Set DLC for free, but for a limited time only! You can read more about the DLC here from our previous article!

Remember to pick up your copy of Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the PlayStation Vita on September 29th!


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