[New Trailer] COD: Advance Warfare Supremacy DLC


The third DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advance Warfare will be available on June 1st, exclusively on Xbox One. The pack called, Supremacy, will feature four multiplayer maps: Kremlin, Parliament, Compound and Skyrise, a fan favourite map (Highrise) from COD: Modern Warfare 2, and it will also include the third part of Exo Zombies co-op called Zombies Carrier. Some COD fans have given Call of Duty: Advance Warefare the cold shoulder because of early access Xbox players get to DLC packs, over Playstation fans. In previous two DLC releases for Advance Warfare Xbox users got those DLC packs one month earlier than Playstation owners, and it can be expected the same will apply for Supremacy. Despite the frustration fans of the franchise has, console exclusives are becoming a trend in the gaming world and is becoming something that gamers can’t avoid. Until the release of COD: AW Supremacy for Playstation fans can get a quick look of what to expect by looking at the latest trailer.


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