New To Streaming Games? Here’s Some Essential Advice

It’s quite the amazing new possibility that almost anyone can turn on a device or PC of theirs and ‘go live’. Here they can connect with a community, curate content to publish and build a name for themselves, or simply express what they love most. Of course, this opens the door for many to brand themselves and to provide fun, enjoyable content that many can appreciate. You may feel tempted to provide content like this yourself. This is where you’ll realize that as this has become possible for you, it is also possible for many others like you. This means competition is rife, and even on relatively new platforms such as Mixer, getting to the top of the pile can be a difficulty.

Yet you needn’t feel as though this is a waste of time. Quite the contrary in fact, some of the most fun gaming experiences you may have online can come through this venture. With the following advice, we hope to help you approximate the best forward progress, no matter how new you are to streaming games in general:

Turn Off The View Count

Turning off the view count can be a great idea. It’s very easy to focus on just how few people may be watching you during the first 100 hours of your streaming life, and that can be demoralizing. It may also leave you to simply sit and play in silence, which may turn off new people who naturally come across your stream. On the other hand, if many watch your stream, then it could be you feel nervous and somewhat excited when doing all you can to keep that number up. In other words – you become less sincere. Turn off the view count within your OBS application, and you needn’t worry about either of those issues.

Play The Games You Enjoy

Don’t worry or force yourself to play the games that are ‘popular’ right now. Just play what you find the most exciting. When you force yourself down a certain direction you’re sure to feel tired of this process, and you will come across as someone struggling to enjoy themselves. No one wants to see that. Playing weird, funny, niche titles can help you curate a following that holds the same tastes as you. Of course, if you enjoy playing the new, popular games then that’s great, but don’t force yourself down any particular direction. If you have fun, so will your audience. Streaming for yourself is certainly an important factor here.

Invest In A Worthwhile Setup

Perhaps one of the most important parts of presenting a stream is offering good video and audio quality. An ultimate video streaming setup will allow you to render the game correctly, render the streaming codecs, and present all of this in the best manner possible. This can also help you contend with graphically demanding games such as online shooters with care, offering high-fps and graphically impressive action without subduing your stream in the chokehold of an insufficient PC.

With this advice, we hope you can stream competently, confidently, and all while having a huge amount of fun.