New Territory Revealed in Solus Project Content Update



A new content update has now been made available for the survival adventure game, The Solus Project currently available for Xbox One and PC. The content includes a huge new island along with the largest cave system created in the game yet. On top of that, there is new mysteries and items to explore and find.

“Dark secrets lurk in the depths of this seemingly deserted alien environment and as you venture deeper into the underground you cant shake the feeling that you are being watched and followed”.

Some awesome new features are:

  • 3-5 hours of new gameplay including new features and discoveries
  • New lightning storms to be wary of
  • Explore Flashpoint, a large new island and master the powers of the skies
  • The largest cave system in the game yet, ready to be explored. Prepare to traverse massive caverns, settlements, and machinery
  • Tons of new items