Nintendo Switch Lite

New Nintendo Switch Lite Colour Revealed

Nintendo has a new colour to choose from if you’re looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch Lite, and it’s giving me some classic Game Boy Advance vibes.

While I love my Nintendo Switch Lite, this new colour has me itching to buy it so I can say I have a periwinkle console. It’s really close to the colour of my second favourite iteration of the Game Boy Advance. If you’re counting, this new iteration is the fifth colour available, I’m holding out to hear if we ever get a translucent case for the Switch Lite because it’s easily the coolest trend that has been missing for years now.

1280px Nintendo Game Boy Advance Purple FL


In my review of the Switch Lite, I said, “You can’t go wrong with owning a Nintendo Switch Lite. Whether you own the regular Switch already or are ready to make the dive into the world of Nintendo, the Switch Lite packs the most important features into one neat and sturdy handheld with a massive library. The better battery and improved D-Pad are worth it alone, and it’s easy to get started right out of the box.”

“By expanding the existing range of colour options for the system, which includes coral, yellow, gray and turquoise, the blue Nintendo Switch Lite gives you more options to express your personal gaming style wherever you choose to play,” said Nintendo in a press release.

On the same day, Nintendo is also launching Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch.

The blue Nintendo Switch Lite will release on May 21, 2021, for $259.99.