NHL 23

New NHL 23 Trailer Goes Into A Deep Dive

Last week was a big week for EA Vancouver in terms of news.

They started off by showing us this year’s cover athlete[s]. That’s right! This year’s cover features a second hockey player and it’s the series’ first woman.

Then, the following day, they gave us a teaser of everything new in NHL 23.

And now, just a week later, they are giving us a deep dive into what’s up with our very first true gameplay reveal.

Most of what we see in today’s trailer was outlined last weeks, such as the new “Last Chance Puck Movement” physics system and improved goalie AI.

But there’s also a look at how strategies on the Power Play have been updated.  First, EA Vancouver has added the devastating “Power Play 1-3-1” presence. On Penalty Kill, the 1-1-2 has been added to help you keep traffic in front of the net.

You can also now rearrange positions before the puck drops on a faceoff as well as in action.

There are also three rolls for you to set on the Power Play to utilize your strengths best.

In addition to being on the cover, Zegras and Nurse represent two new X-Factors added.

The earlier shows off “Skilled Up” — a heightened ability to master flip passes and shots. While the latter shows the “Relentless” off-balance shot and pass mechanic.

Finally, there are a number of quality-of-life updates and AI tweaks to keep the game challenging but not cheap.

NHL 23 will be available worldwide on Oct. 14, 2022, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with three days of early access if fans pre-order the X-Factor Edition. Fans can pre-order the game now to get on the ice and experience these game-changing gameplay improvements early.