A New Need For Speed Payback Trailer Puts Fortune Valley At The Front

Its been quite some time since I’ve played a Need for Speed game that had an open world I liked, the previous few games featured alright places to race and earn cars, but, nothing that really stood out to me, especially so after playing for more than 30 hours and still not remembering which routes worked best to escape the police. A sign that there was little inspiration built into the frame of the city.

With the newest title, Need for Speed Payback, I really hope to see the city come to life and thrive as I make my way through the various regions of Fortune Valley.

In the corrupt gamblers paradise, each region is filled to the brim with events, activities, and collectibles. Cruise through the glamour and grit of Silver Rock or drift up and down the mountain switchbacks of Mount Providence. Tear up terrain in the arid badlands of Liberty Desert, or carve your way through the deep gorges of Silver Canyon as you lose yourself in your own driving adventure.

Show off your skills by conquering the infamous Street Leagues, find Derelicts and take your car from scrap to stock to supercar, or focus on tuning up and customizing your own dream ride – there’s something for everyone in the biggest open-world Need for Speed has ever had.