New ‘Gratuity’ app Changes the Way of Tipping


Gone are the days of having to figure out how to split the massive dinner bill with your girlfriends, or calculating the drinks tab with the guys. Introducing the newest free app to hit the tech world, Gratuity, which takes the basic concept of tipping and makes it simple.


With a majority of tech consumers being Millennials, it is all about how to make things easy and fast. While this is no novel concept, the app market was lacking a simple and truly helpful application for tipping. Aptly named Gratuity, Carl Banks JR, the son of two time Superbowl NFL champion Carl Banks, took this concept and refined it to make everyday activities effortless. Nothing is more annoying than sitting at a large table with friends and awkwardly trying to decide how to split the bill. Then leaving the age old question, how much do you tip? Gratuity is fully customizable allowing users to tip based on the quality of service. With a user friendly interface and visually appealing design, “Gratuity does the math so you don’t have to.”


Features Include:

  • Beautifully crafted interface
  • Choose among six everyday services for customary gratuities
  • Adjust your tip amount based on the quality of your service
  • Easily split the bill with parties of two or more
  • Not satisfied with a particular preset? Gratuity is fully customizable, where settings for each venue are left at your full discretion


Gratuity is available now in the iTunes App Store:




Why it’s cool: The immediate response users so far have given is the app’s clean design and interactive animation scheme. To create an app that not only works but also looks outstanding I knew would make all the difference in separating it from competitors.



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