New Forms, Powers, Pokemon In This New Video From Pokemon Sun And Moon


Game Freak is certainly trying new things with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. This new video introduces us to new “Alola Forms,” which will be seen in the upcoming two new games.

From the original 151 Pokemon, we see Sandshrew and Sandslash in their “Alola Form” and are now Ice-type Pokemon.

Vulpix and Nintails get the same treatment and look great. Exeggutor has also received a new “Alola Form” and seemingly fits right into the new land well.

We also meet some new Pokemon:

A bird that dabs –

A new horse-type Pokemon –

A Pokemon that sort of looks like Donald Trump –

A Pokemon that looks like an underwater mine –

And Fromantis and its evolution Lurantis –

In addition, we see new Z-powers and new Trials with “totem Pokemon,” where you must face these Pokemon at the end of a trial;  which appear to be super versions of themselves and can call in other Pokemon for help if needed.