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New Details On Final Fantasy XVI’s Gameplay & Abilities

Parties, abilities, story mode, artwork, and more!

Square Enix has dropped a load of videos, screenshots, and information on its website about its next massive release Final Fantasy XVI. Not only are we seeing more of the game in its fast-paced and wild action, but Square also gave us a little more information on a buddy system.

First up, Clive is ready to kick some serious butt with Eikons. In the quick video below, you can see them in action as he dispatches groups of enemies. There’s not much detailed information on what Eikons will be in Final Fantasy XVI, but boy do they look good!

Huge Eikon battles can also take place. Massive arenas and characters will clash as the scale of the action ramps up ten-fold. The video below shows not only how epic these events can feel, but how varied they could be with a number of different gameplay elements.

Final Fantasy XVI’s ability trees and system seem to be fairly robust. With the combination of sword fighting and Eikons, players can tailor to their own playstyle. Too much choice? Not sure which path to take? No problem as Square has added the option for abilities to be automatically chosen, freeing up more time on the battlefield and less time in the menus.

It’s nothing new for other games and genres, but Final Fantasy XVI is opening up its gameplay to those who may not be so keen on grinding away or slashing their way through. A more directly focused story mode will also be included this time around. Timing and abilities will be a little more simplified, giving players the choice to still fight their enemies, but keep more time and focus on the story-based elements of the game.

Finally, Torgal is by Clive’s side throughout his adventure. The trusty dog will be there to not only provide some offence but defence as well. Torgal will be a medic at times, while also locking in with his owner to pull off some pretty sweet-looking combos.

Final Fantasy XVI is set to launch on June 22nd exclusively for PS5 consoles.