New Death Stranding Patch Will Alleviate Grieving Issues

So far, Death Stranding has been one of the few games that lack any major glitches or anything game-breaking preventing a user from finishing the game. In nearly 60 hours, I never once faced a glitch or any clipping, which is surprising given the size of the game.

However, there are some issues when playing online, and one in particular which I’ve run into while moving cargo across the continent. For the most part, running into an online structure built by another player has ended up being extremely useful for me. By using an online zipline, I was able to get around a BT infested area at a point I wasn’t able to deal with them head-on. Other times, a highway kept me away from a camp of MULEs that I wasn’t prepared for.

Anyone wish we could delete vehicles too? from DeathStranding

PSA to all of the “porters” that do this; you are literally the worst type of person. May all your cargo and vehicles become ruined, every BT fight end in voidout, and every MULE javelin hit you whilst coasting on the highway. from DeathStranding

In the worst cases, thoughtless players leaving their vehicles in the worst places is a problem in Death Stranding, in particular when delivering to Conan O’Brien’s character because of the location and amount of rocks surround the entrance. It’s a nuisance and in many cases leaves the player unable to deliver cargo or pick up new missions.

The only way to remove them right now is by blowing them up, but with the next update, it won’t be an issue any longer.

Of course, some other issues are set to be addressed, with text size being adjustable and no longer unreadable.