Netflix Releases A New Death Note Trailer


Netflix recently released another trailer for their Death Note adaptation giving fans another look at the live action series airing on August 25.

Since the first teaser released it was obvious that Netflix’s Death Note is different from the original source material, which the streaming service also pointed out, and now with the first full trailer fans can see how different it really is.

The Netflix live action series shares the names of characters and the concept of a Death Note, a book that kills anyone who name is written in it. However the new series will take place in Seattle instead of Japan, which is probably an attempt for Netflix to “speak” to their North American audience. In the trailer we also get a sense that the series focuses on interesting ways of dying, similar to Final Destination, as we see a Ferris wheel breaking a part to kill someone. Whereas the original focused on the psychology of the characters rather than action. We also see change in how the streaming service protrays their characters. For example Light is seen as a highschool student who is bullied and an lonwer and he wants revenge. The anime’s Light is a character who isolates himself and wants to rid the world of evil rather than focus on revenge. There are few other difference that we see in the trailer but despite them we still can’t wait to see what elements will stay true to the anime.