“The New Day” Final Fantasy XIV Tribute at Wrestlemania 33


WWE’s most eclectic superstars and hosts of Wrestlemania 33, The New Day, surprised fans with their Final Fantasy XIV(FFXIV) cosplay at Monday’s event.

As if this year’s Wrestlemania didn’t catch the attention of wrestling fans with major reveals, like Undertaker’s retirement and the return of the Hardy Boys, it also showed that all sorts of fandom is welcomed at WWE’s main event. The New Day, showed their love for all things Final Fantasy with a grand entrance that spoke to every gamer’s love for the franchise. The nerdy trio sported their custom made Final Fantasy XIV cosplays that represented the different classes available in the game. Big E cosplayed as the Samurai, Xavier Woods as the Monk and Kofi as the Red Mage, while riding their “POP-cycle” bike. Of course no FFXIV cosplay is complete without the franchise most identifiable characters, Moogles and Chocobos, which the boys showcased with pride! Their entrance also included hilarious cartoon animations of them riding sun glass wearing Chocobos.

The New Day is no stranger to nerding it up in the ring, as they have previously dressed up as Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z and Rufio and the Lost Boys from the 1991 film Hook. Cosplaying at matches have made them popular with fans of those franchises and helped further launch their superstar status in the gaming and geek community. Xavier Woods even started a YouTube Channel (UpUpDownDown) dedicated to gaming and all things nerdy.

However, this time around the trio’s cosplay was a different from the rest as they were sponsored by the company behind the game, Square Enix. In a press release written by the studio it was revealed that they worked collaboratively with the WWE to produce the entrance. They also promised fans a behind the scenes look of the making of that iconic WWE entrance, that will release within the next few months. This announcement comes just days after Square Enix announced FFXIV’s new free trail system that let players test out the game up until level 35. With Wrestlemania being streamed live worldwide  it is no wonder that Square Enix cleverly used it to promote the FFXIV, before the game’s new expansion launches later this year.

You can watch The New Day’s Final Fantasy XIV inspired Wrestlemania entrance below: