CRKD Nitro Deck

The CRKD Nitro Deck Upgrades Your Handheld Nintendo Switch Experience

A variety of colours, special editions, and expanded functionality

The handheld experience for the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED is convenient and fun. But for many, the form factor and functionality of the console is where it falls short. The new is hoping to change that.

Embracer Freemode announced a new brand called CRKD. It’s what the company calls a

“Range of premium gaming gear offering distinct, collectible products, designed to enhance play for passionate gamers.”

Its first product will be the Nitro Deck, a sleeve the Switch can slide into and expand its capabilities and physical appearance on several levels.

Choices For Gamers New & Old

At launch, seven variations of the Nitro Deck will be available. White, Black and Grey colours, and a couple of limited edition Classic Grey and Retro Purple choices inspired by the GameCube and SNES. There will also be limited edition Limited Run Games variations called Atomic Purple and Glacier Blue. These look like they could be inspired by some old-school GameBoy Color handhelds from back in the day.


One of the Nitro Deck’s biggest additions are the paddles on the back of each unit. The buttons appear similar to those used on the Power A controllers. From personal experience, depending on the game, they can be a great addition to the console!

Thumbsticks can also be customized and interchangeable, though there is no word yet on how many there might be. Similarly, CRKD says you will no longer have to worry about the possibility of Joy-Con stick drift with its new stick add-ons called Hall Effect. Finally, there’s a more convenient way to charge the console with a USB-C port on the back of the Nitro Deck that hangs down and doesn’t appear to get in the way of your hands while playing.