Project Mugen

NetEase Games Unveils Open World Project Mugen

NetEase Games revealed the working title Project Mugen tonight, the open-world action RPG set within a modern metropolis. The project is in development at NetEase Games and Thunder Fire Studios subsidiary studio Naked Rain.

Project Mugen incorporates members from Hangzhou and Montreal and showcases the multicultural talent working on the game, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile, and PC as a free-to-play title.

Project Mugen is our love letter to urban fantasies. We wanted to create a world that players could relate to, yet find enough mysteries to keep them coming back. The city is alive, and every player will have their unique journey through it,” said Riten Huang, Senior Marketing Director at Thunder Fire Studio.

Set on a world reminiscent of Earth, players face urban myths that come to life, and humans coexist with the supernatural. You step into the role of an Esper, a being known as the “Infinite Trigger.” You’ll navigate through several vibrant cities, facing anomalies and supernatural beings threatening the balance of the world. You can team up with other Espers to take on the Chaos.

“Today’s unveiling of Project Mugen extends beyond this announcement; it represents NetEase Games’ spirit of global collaboration, creativity, and innovation to push the envelope in interactive storytelling. This project draws on development talent from Hangzhou to Montreal, reflecting our dedication to transcending boundaries and redefining gaming experiences,” said Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President of NetEase, Inc. “By merging a modern metropolis setting with elements of mysticism, we’re excited to create a world where every player can find a moment that resonates with them.”

Project Mugen features a vast map filled with things to do throughout the city: neon-lit nightlife, serene parks, and much more. You can scale skyscrapers, take the subway, and interact with a dynamic environment.

Combat features team-based battles for up to four characters, each with their attributes and abilities. You have access to skills like parkour, swinging, and wall-climbing.