NetEase Games Launches Bulletfarm With Call Of Duty Vet

NetEase Games is opening Bulletfarm, a new LA-based AAA studio led by Call of Duty: Black Ops systems manager David Vonderhaar.

The new studio will be headquartered in The City of Angels but is looking to draw international attention from developers and other video game industry players who want to learn from someone who brought one of the most robust multiplayer experiences to modern gaming. 

Vonderhaar’s focus on multiplayer is set to inform an ambitious debut game set in an original universe emphasizing cooperative gameplay.

We don’t know much about this game except what’s above and that it’s first-person. Still, we do know it will be creatively directed by Chris Cowell, who handled a lot of sound design and some overall design for Call of Duty: Black Ops, so it might be worth taking a shot and saying this is going to be an FPS title with rich focus on sound.

The mostly mobile Chinese NetEase Games are ready for more console-based exploration, and they are ready to throw their full power behind that. “NetEase Games is fully dedicated to giving BulletFarm the resources and support required to build this new first person experience,” says Simon Zhu, president of global investments and partnerships at NetEase Games in a press release. “David’s leadership and the early collection of game development talent assembled at the studio is set to offer something unique for his existing fans and a new audience.” 

In the same release, Vonderhaar says, “Starting this new studio has given me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and try my hand at making something entirely new and different. This is a departure from the games I’ve worked on, but one that showcases my passion for rich characters, precise mechanics, more intimate storytelling, and plenty of action… NetEase has provided us an incredible support structure to explore these new avenues and allow true freedom to begin building the concept and ideas for our game.”