Netatmo Debuts Healthy Home Coach


Home Automation has been a huge endeavour in recent years. We recently reviewed the TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug and we loved it for what it was. Netatmo Welcome brought an affordable home security to the masses and has been a staple in my home since.

Netatmo has a wide range of products to make your house a home and with the announcement of their new Healthy Home Coach, ensuring each room in your home is healthy to stay in ensures a comfortable environment. We will be reviewing one at some soon, in the meantime, please take a minute to read over the press release. We’re excited!

Netatmo, the revolutionary smart home company, introduces today Healthy Home Coach, the smart indoor climate monitor that helps users create a healthier home environment. Healthy Home Coach tracks and records indoor environmental elements -air quality, humidity, temperature and noise – and offers advice to improve indoor climate and keep things comfortable.

Poor air quality and noise pollution can disrupt sleep, concentration, and even health. Proper humidity levels and good ventilation play a key role in managing asthma, allergies or respiratory problems.

Key Highlights & Benefits:

*         The device collects personalized data from the user’s environment and provides actionable customized insights based on the season, the time of day, the measurements or the users’ profiles.

*         The user knows exactly when to adjust the humidifier, and can make sure each room is heated or cooled properly, or that the sound in a child’s bedroom isn’t too loud for healthy sleep.

*         With the App, any user can access the home’s indoor climate conditions from any location.

*         Sleek and elegant, the aluminum Healthy Home Coach blends easily with any home’s decor.

*         Its setup is straightforward; it pairs with a user’s Wi-Fi and with the free App.