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Need For Speed Payback Story Trailer Shows The Shady Side Of Fortune Valley

Need for Speed Payback is out next month, and we’re nearing that final lap before launch. Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have revealed a new story trailer for the next game in the long-running arcade racer series.

If you’re getting The Fast and Furious vibes from this game, I can see why as there are similar set pieces that would feel at home in that movie universe, this is, however, a racing game first and foremost, expect that before anything.

Play three distinct characters in this fall’s action-driving blockbuster, Need for Speed Payback. Tyler, Jess and Mac are united by a common goal, revenge at any cost. Experience jaw-dropping set pieces, insane heist missions and car battles like you’ve never see as you and your crew take on The House, a nefarious cartel that runs Fortune Valley’s underground.

Tyler “Ty” Ramirez is The Racer. Drag and street races are his cup of tea and as a natural born racer, he has an unwavering will to win. Once his crew are betrayed, his focus becomes singular: payback.

Jessica “Jess” Miller is the Wheelman, always on the run. She spends her time running high-risk, high-reward jobs yet never loses her level-headed outlook. She can get out of any situation, no matter how volatile and will do whatever it takes to protect her friends.

Sean “Mac” McAlister is The Showman, with a style as unpredictable and flashy as he is. Offroad races and drifting are his specialties and he never wavers around a tight corner or fears getting dirty on the trail. Mac’s happy-go-lucky attitude keeps the crew going through the hard times.